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Too Young to Go Bald : Alopecia UK say NHS should provide 1 wig a year!

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

"Alopecia patients should be given 'one human hair NHS wig a year'"

Radio 1s Newsbeat offered a great article yesterday about Alopecia and the young and that the charity Alopecia UK is reaching out to the NHS to provide one human hair wig per year to anyone effected by the condition.

"At the moment, local health bosses decide how many wigs patients are entitled to in their area.

Alopecia UK says its data suggests in some areas patients are offered two wigs a year, while in others they aren't offered any.

NHS England said there is no nationally set limit and "all patients' needs and circumstances are different".

Jen Chambers, the charity's development manager, says there should be consistency.

"Some people literally will not leave their house without hair on their head.

"So if we want people with alopecia to contribute to society then there should be help there for all those who need it."

Read more from the article written by Newsbeat reporter Will Chalk here:

Click below to see the Newsbeat documentary "Too Young to go Bald"

"How would you deal with the nightmare of losing your hair early? Chidera Eggerue investigates hair loss and finds out if a hair transplant is the only way of getting it back. Is there anything else that can be done?

Chidera suffers from traction alopecia which means some of her hair has fallen out. She meets rapper Paigey Cakey who had a hair transplant and Jordan who's about to have one.

She also speaks to a hair expert who fills her in on some of the truths and myths around hair loss, and chats to 23-year-old Perry who's been losing his hair for four years and gets him to meet George, who's bald already."

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