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11th Birthday. 10 Year Anniversary!

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Happy 11th Birthday my beautiful girl. 10 years since your first birthday and my second chemo where we sat and took this photo of us together.

10 years since I started to loose my hair with my chemotherapy treatment for Grade 3 advanced Breast Cancer, which eventually led to me starting to make Bold Beanies for fellow sufferers. 

Lotte, I'm so incredibly proud of the wonderful, nice and caring person you have become and I'm proud to be your mummy. I'm so grateful for every singe day and snuggle we get to share together and for the way you tell me you love me. I'm so lucky. Keep being you. Love you darling. 

Thank you for inspiring me to think about my hair loss and what I needed and wanted, not just what headwear was available. I knew I hated my wig and scarves were a pain and that I wanted a simple, soft and stretchy beanie to fit snuggly on my head, I just couldn't find anything like your soft cotton hats. I realised I didn't want people to settle for ugly hats, but I could make beautiful Liberty printed hats, especially for younger people like myself to wear. You and Olivia are so supportive of my little business and that means so much to me. 

Bold Beanies headwear is now available for men, teens and children (as well as women) suffering from all types of hair loss whatever the cause (alopecia or hair thinning). Made in the UK with fast international delivery. 

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