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Print Pink for Breast Cancer Care and Bold Beanies

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Customers will be able to buy ‘Bold Beanies’ chemo hats during Cartridge People’s month-long Print Pink campaign raising money for Breast Cancer Care.

The beanie hat is part of the Bold Beanie range of headwear made for both adults and children who are recovering from cancer treatments or who have suffered from alopecia. Emilienne Rebel, 39, founded the company following her own battle with breast cancer and has pledged her support to the campaign.

Emilienne was 31-years-old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent what she calls a rollercoaster of scans, hospital visits, operations, chemotherapy and of course emotions”. Chemotherapy meant Emilienne lost her hair and conventional hats had proved to be uncomfortable, especially during the night.

Describing how Bold Beanies started, Emilienne told Our Cartridge People: “When you lose your hair through treatment, you don’t expect to feel so cold and I needed to cover up all the time as I had a young family.

“I had a small baby at the time when I was initially diagnosed. And was looking at her little hats and how warm she looked! As someone young going through something like that I also wanted something that looked nice which led to me looking at making beanie hats.”

It was quite a career move for someone who had previously been a financial journalist, a radio presenter in France and a project manager in Germany before returning to the UK but Bold Beanies soon began to flourish.

Emilienne continued: “I launched Bold Beanies in 2009. I knew the product was needed and I knew people really needed it. Finding the strength to wrap a scarf is difficult. My next door neighbour even asked for one at the time as she was struggling with using a scarf and for people recovering from treatment, even raising your arms to wrap yourself up can be tough.

“I made 100 hats and put them on eBay. What was pleasing was that people were buying the hats after searching for that specific type of hat. There were even cases where a hat was bought for a person suffering from alopecia.”

From those small beginnings, Emilienne now has a range of products on her own website and is proud of the way her products can help bring a smile to people’s faces, even during the difficult periods following cancer treatment.

A mother of two in Overton, North Wales, Emilienne also works closely with Glyndwr University as a role model for Big Ideas Wales. Her own ‘big idea’ has led to a new career and her inspirational story is to be celebrated further when she attends the biannual European Women Innovators Network Exhibition, Conference and Awards, on October 12th. There she will receive a special recognition award with the organisers commenting: “On behalf of the entire Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network, we are absolutely delighted that you are to be specially recognised and celebrated for your tenacity, your innovative contribution and inspirational qualities.”

October will see Cartridge People raising thousands of pounds for Breast Cancer Care and Emilienne has spoken of her delight at having the opportunity to support this fundraising drive.

“I think anything that raises awareness in everyday situations is a good thing and even through blogs like this (Our Cartridge People) it’s better for people to find something online through these blogs than actually searching. I’m only sat here now as I found a lump and knew through the awareness raised in the media of breast cancer that I should go and get checked. If just one person goes and gets themselves checked through reading this blog then it’s worth it. It’s about giving people that thought process of getting these things checked,” Emilienne commented.

Cartridge People customers will be able to buy their own Bold Beanie (which is made from 100 per cent breathable natural material) online and every one sold will see £1 given to Breast Cancer Care from Cartridge People and Emilienne herself.

Speaking about the impact of breast cancer and how she has channelled that into something positive, Emilienne added: “It (cancer) is always going to be part of my life but it’s not going to define my life. The main reason I do what I do now is to give people one less thing to worry about and even in a horrendous situation, it can be a little something to make them smile.”

Make someone smile today with a Bold Beanie hat available from Cartridge People and help us raise awareness of the #PrintPink campaign and the work of Breast Cancer Care by sharing this article on Facebook and Twitter.

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