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Best Chemo Sleep Cap

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies cotton hats are so soft and stretchy they fit snuggly, but no tightly onto a sensitive scalp for a good nights rest.

I know from my own experience that finding something comfortable and breathable is hard and yet very important when suffering from hair loss, especially from cancer chemotherapy as you lose your hair suddenly and feel the cold. 

You can't wear a wig or scarf comfortably in bed and they slip about when you move. I ended up wearing woolly hats in bed, but these were itchy and often too hot... so I would take it off... and then find myself freezing cold, especially as I had my chemo during winter months and lived in a draughty house... brrrrr. 

So I would recommend you (or the person you care for) wear a Bold Beanie cancer hat during the night to keep their head at an even temperature and ensure the best chance of a good nights sleep. Rest and sleep is so important during treatment to give your body the best chance to fight. 

With a wide range of plains and beautiful Liberty prints to suit all, there is something for everyone... Ladies, gents and children. 

Made in the UK. Free UK shipping over £30. Free Worldwide shipping over £55.


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