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Customised Chemo Headwear

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Did you know you can have any of our plain Bold Beanies Cancer hats for Men, Women, Kids and Teens personalised with any name, slogan or image you want. 

Are you a member of a sports team and are able to carry on being active during cancer treatments? We can customise your team's logo onto a Bold Beanie in any colour you want. 

We can add a school emblem to any headwear to make it part of the uniform.

Does your friend or love one have a saying that makes them stand out or mantra that keeps them going? Have it put on the hat in bold at the front or more subtle along the side of any plain cancer hat or chemo bandana you choose. 

Please email us ( if you'd like to have any of our head wrap, headscarves, bandanas or PICC line covers and we can organise this for you. 

We use a really durable heat pressed vinyl for a quality, sharp-edged finish. You can choose any single colour or font you want. Multiple colour options also available, but please send over image or requirements first to check if possible. 

The vinyl is durable, washable, but also pliable once heat pressed, so it doesn't effect the comfort of the hat in any way and will not peel off. 

Customer favourites this month include 'Cancer Sucks' and lots of unicorn and dinosaur images. 

Made in the UK. Please allow extra time for delivery of customised hats. We presume you have sought permission where necessary to use any logo you provide.

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