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Is it just a hat..?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies are so much more than ‘just a hat’ they offer a stylish and comfy way to cover up and keep warm when you loose your hair. When often you have a million other things to be worrying about, the hair loss box is ticked.

Its hard for anyone who has never had chemotherapy to understand just how terrible it is. Of course everyone reacts differently, but in the main its a pretty traumatic experience.

Not only do you loose your hair on top of your head, but facial hair too, including eyelashes (so eyes are often watering as now eyelashes to keep out all the dust that comes their way). Loosing your eyebrows means your whole face looks different, add to that puffiness and side effects from the steroids you (may) need to take, you look pretty ill.

When your hair falls out you not only loose a sense of your identity, but you feel cold. Very cold sometimes. Wigs serve their purpose, but are extremely uncomfortable at the best of times, but add to the mix a sensitive and sore scalp and they become unbearable almost. I only managed to wear my twice though out my whole treatment. Woollen hats are itchy and make your head too hot… so you take it off… then you’re too cold… so you put it back on… then you’re too hot… I think you get the picture. Especially at night time, this can lead to a very disturbed sleep. Scarves are great if you can get them on properly or to stop sliding… again in bed, they slip and are uncomfortable.

Bold Beanies are simple, soft, with minimal seams (label on the outside) designed not to irritate the scalp in any way. Fitting snugly, but not tight, you shouldn’t really know you are wearing it (apart from it being really pretty!). Natural fabrics mean they are breathable and keep to a constant good temperature, allowing for you to get on with your day and also a relaxing good nights sleep. When you are dealing physiologically with chemotherapy as a whole, its often the ‘little’ things that get to you the most… and we all know how amazing a good nights sleep can be. Emilienne x

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