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Ladies Liberty Print Chemo Hair Loss Headwear

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies have a vast collection of Liberty Art Fabric print soft cotton stretchy cancer hair loss head wear to suit ladies of all ages and fashion style.  

Designed for pure luxurious comfort in mind and for the younger women experiencing hair loss (Medical Alopecia) through chemotherapy treatments for cancer or those with hair thinning and non medical Alopecia. Suitable to wear as a breathable hat on their own or layer up under any other type of hat, scarf or helmet.

Liberty Art Fabrics and their iconic prints are the epitome of English style and fashion. One less thing to worry about whilst going about your day feeling as confident as you can with these beautiful flattering prints. 

See the Liberty collection here:

See the extensive collection of hats, scarves and accessories of the women's section of the website.

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