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Liberty fabrics beanie skull sleep hats for all

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Liberty Art Fabrics thin, soft, breathable quality cotton Bold Beanie hats for kids, teens, men and women.

Beautify Liberty patterns and unique designs create a luxury hat suitable for all with sensitive scalps from chemotherapy treatments or other hair loss thinning from conditions such as alopecia.

Super silky and soft, snug (but not tight) and breathable natural spun material perfect for women and men with hair loss (from cancer chemo treatment or alopecia) to keep the head at an even temperature and wick away moisture. A great soft lining for under other hats, scarves, caps, skullie, skull caps, helmets and hard hats. 

Have your liberty hat made into a rose as a thoughtful yet traditional and practical gift to show you care. Bold Beanie teddy and dolly beanies are also available for childrens best friends to comfort them and help come to terms with difficult surgeries and treatments. 

Order one for a friend or loved one as a thoughtful gift for anyone going though chemotherapy treatments for cancer. 

Order Liberty art fabric Bold Beanies here:

Free UK Delivery on all orders over £30. 

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