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New Printed Soft Cotton Bold Beanies hats for Chemo Cancer Alopecia Hair loss

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Adding this brand new print to the collection this week... I love it and by the reaction on Instagram you do too! Great. Such a pretty subtle floral print in three wonderful colour-ways : Aqua, lilac and blue... which one will you choose?

I'm going to call it the 'Helen' as it reminds me of a wonderful woman I met at the weekend with Alice's Escapes... the Lilac one has purple flowers in it :) Another one for the collection Helen!

Super soft and silky, Bold Beanie hats are made to fit snuggly so it doesn't move around, but not tightly on sore scalp. These quality hats are made using the best cotton, breathable stretchy material, with minimal seams and the small discreet label on the outside so there is not irritation and the most comfortable fit ever!

Perfect on their own as they are so pretty, but also good layered up under a scarf or other hat to keep you warm and stop it slipping. A great night sleep cap especially in these pretty pastel colours and delicate floral print... the snug fit skullie skull cap so it doesn't move about or come off when you sleep (leaving you with a very cold head!!) and softest cotton fabric (like bamboo) is breathable and temperature regulating so keeps the head at an even temperature and not too hot or cold. 

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