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What's so great about a Bold Beanie Cancer Hat...?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

...The sense of relief you get from finding something so soft, light, natural and comfortable for any cold bald head and knowing there's just one less thing to worry about

Super silky soft comfy, breathable cotton hair loss headwear.

Whatever your hair loss, from stress related hair thinning to Alopecia or losing all your hair with a chemotherapy treatment for Cancer, Bold Beanies hair loss hats are a must. Made to the highest quality using super silky soft thin cotton fabrics, these cancer hats fit snugly, but not tightly onto your bald scalp staying put unlike scarves which will slip around. If you find wigs uncomfortable like I did then your Bold Beanie will be a welcome change when you want to relax and feel more comfy. They are especially good at night time when you can't wear a wig or scarf and stay put even when asleep. The soft fabric is breathable and so keeps the head at an even temperature... no more pulling your hat on and off if too hot or cold. 

And lastly as well as being a versatile layer under all other types of headwear from scarf , wig to helmets and hard hats... they look great on their own. Choose from a range of lovely Liberty Art Fabric prints or a wide range of plains. you can even have your plain hat customised with a name, logo or slogan of your choice. 

Bold Beanies chemo hats are available for Men, Women and Kids to make a difficult time just that bit more bearable. 


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