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Big Scary C Word - Laura Price and CoppaFeel

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

One of my favourite Cancer Blogs is ' The Big Scary C Word ' which is " taking breast cancer by the balls, beating it to a pulp and leaving it cowering in the corner" Yey for that. 

Laura Price was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 22, 2012, aged 29. I began writing this blog on Facebook to keep my friends and family up to date on my journey, and recently I made it public after receiving requests from friends of friends. I hope no offence will be taken to this blog, and that readers will understand I have decided to take my cancer as a positive experience that can provide humour and laughter to us all. After all, my intention is to kick its ass, not let it beat me.

Her latest blog post talks about CoppaFeel and her upcoming trek across Iceland (the country not the supermarket, she states in her usual funny upbeat style)... and why she's doing it: 

Here’s why:

1. The story behind CoppaFeel! is inspiring

CoppaFeel! was set up by twin sisters Kris and Maren Hallenga. When Kris found out she had breast cancer at 23 years old, she also discovered the cancer had spread to other parts of her body and was incurable. Kris is now 30 years old and frequently refers to “living with cancer” – not dying from it. I can confirm this is 100% true – despite the fact the disease is all over her body and she spends much of her time in and out of hospitals, Kris Hallenga is without doubt the most alive person I know.

Aside from being a kick-ass CEO and lobbying the government on cancer education in schools with her #RethinkCancer campaign, she also throws festivals for charity, has a host of A-list celebrity backers (Dermot O’Leary, Fearne Cotton, Russell Howard, to name but a few), and somehow still finds time to make sexy bobble earrings for charity. She also just ran her first half-marathon, despite making no secret of the fact that she HATES running, so it goes without saying she’s a bit of a ledge.

Read more here on The Big Scary C Word Blog:

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