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The Perks of a Breast Reconstruction... better boobs than before?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Well Christina Applegate certainly thinks so and I have to say having had a double mastectomy and reconstruction myself I love my new breasts and so was definitely a 'perk' for me. I thought I would share this uplifting opinion. 

'You can get better boobs than you had before!' Christina Applegate on the perks (and the pitfalls) of having a double mastectomy'

Actress and breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate has spoken out about her life and her body six years after she underwent a double mastectomy.
The 42-year old mother-of-one, based in California, says that breast reconstruction has improved by leaps and bounds since 2008, when she had implants fitted after her surgery to remove both breasts.
'I’ve seen [breast implants] on some girls recently where I’m like, "Those are the best looking boobs I’ve seen",' she tells 'So it can be a positive thing...You can get better boobs than you had before, if you so choose.'

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