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Bold Beanies Cancer Hair Loss Feedback and Reviews Welcome

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

As a small business its always useful to get feedback and have reviews written on the website. Its a functionality of the site which I need to get more people to use.

So if you've bought, worn or heard great things about these cancer alopecia hats, please do review a Liberty or plain beanie hat for me!! This all goes to help me promote the website and reach more people when they need me. 

I get positive feedback everyday on the way Bold Beanies make people feel. They aren't just comfortable cotton hair loss beanie hats... they are one less thing to worry about and a good nights sleep. 

Deborah recently wrote this in response to a blog post about loosing my hair to chemotherapy treatment for grade 3 advanced Breast Cancer. "I can really empathise. I found hair loss with chemo painful and laying on a pillow at night made my scalp throb. I had Bold Beanies and these really helped. I was more comfortable and warm too as its really cold without hair! I loved them and would recommend them. Deborah (Barrowby Bamboozler)"

It was especially at night time when my head would get very cold when I thought up the idea for Bold Beanies... super silky soft natural breathable headwear that kept the head at an even temperature... but something beautiful that I'd be happy to wear day or night. Woollen knitted beanies were to too itchy on the sensitive scalp and scarves would slip, especially in bed. In fact what was needed was a hat skull cap skullie bandana so comfortable I'd forget this one terrible side effect of chemo and just get on with my day. 

Something to make a terrible cancer treatment side effect, just a little bit more bearable for others.

Made in the UK. Shipped worldwide. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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