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Hair Loss with chemotherapy and how it made me feel...

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on


My eldest daughter, Olivia, was only 3 when I was diagnosed with grade 3 advanced breast cancer.

With long blonde hair very much part of her signature (everyone commented on it) it was very hard for her to see her mummy without any hair. I looked ill and needed to cover up for her and the rest of my young family. 

I started to loose my hair leading up to my second round of chemotherapy treatment. I'd had a 2 week break from the first one which had made me very sick. My hair hurt as it was falling out. It reminded me of when I was a child and would have my hair tied back for too long and when you take it out the head, scalp, hair 'hurt'. I had my head shaved in preparation by my unsympathetic husband (now ex-husband) which was a traumatic experience (I now advise any women to make sure this is done by someone who can be sympathetic). My second chemo was on my youngest daughter Lotte's first birthday! I felt such a failure that I couldn't give my baby the party she deserved, but knew I had to face my chemo and get another behind me.

The things that bothered me most about losing my hair was feeling cold and looking ill.  

I was already frail and loosing my hair made me feel extra cold... especially at night time. I found my wig uncomfortable, scarves difficult to tie and they would slip about and I found myself wearing woollen beanie hats. However they were itchy and I would go from feeling hot and cold taking them on and off. 

This is the moment I had the idea for Bold Beanies. Simple natural cotton, soft and stylish beanie hats which are so comfortable you forget you are wearing one leaving you to get on with your day as best as possible, even if you do have cancer. Making life just a little bit more bearable and pretty. Easy to put on which is important if you have had lengthy breast surgery and are finding it difficult to raise your arms, or for the elderly for example.

I wore my wigs on just two occasions as it made me feel so self conscious. One time at the request of my daughter as we had gone to see Angelina Ballerina during one of my 'good weeks' as a treat over Christmas and "Angelina wouldn't like it if I had no hair". I tore the wig off whilst driving back home on the motorway and then realised that was probably a bad idea with the glances I got from other drivers. Even though I didn't like my wig, I would always recommend you get a wig as its good to have if you need. You may find you need a variety of headwear.

Bold Beanies perfect for just feeling comfortable and forgetting about one nasty side effect of your treatment.



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  • I can really empathise. I found hair loss with chemo painful and laying on a pillow at night made my scalp throb. I had Bold Beanies and these really helped. I was more comfortable and warm too as its really cold without hair! I loved them and would recommend them. Deborah (Barrowby Bamboozler)

    Deborah on

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