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I'm always tired... are you? Health benefits of the power nap...

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Tiredness has been a constant battle for many years of mine. 

Of course rationally I know I am a single mum of two very active kids, I run my own business and have recently built and take care of my home, so of course I'm tired. But sometimes it feels like more. The tiredness from my pregnancy before I found out I had cancer. Total and utter I need to sleep now tiredness. 

I'm going into my 10th year of taking tamoxifen following my treatments and surgery for breast cancer 10 years ago now when my girls were just 1 and 3 years of age.

I certainly attribute a lot of my tiredness to that. I take my tamoxifen first thing in the morning when I wake to avoid my chemo brain forgetfulness... but should I take it in the evening to help with the tiredness? Any suggestions please do let me know. 

I have fought the tiredness for many years, never wanting to nap during the day for fear of missing out on life, wasting my time or simple having too much to do. However I have come to realise this is a false economy for myself as a power nap (even just 20mins) does me the world of good. I came across this article recently and I though you may find this interesting.

"According to experts, 10 to 20 minutes is quite enough to refresh your mind and increase your energy and alertness. The sleep isn’t as deep as longer naps and you’re able to get right back at your day immediately after waking up. If you nap for 30 minutes you may deal with a 30-minute grogginess period because you wake up just as your body started entering a deeper stage of sleep. The same can be said if you sleep for an hour, but on the other hand, these 60-minute naps provide an excellent memory boost. The longest naps— lasting about 90 minutes—are recommended for those people who just don’t get enough sleep at night. Since it’s a complete sleep cycle, it can improve emotional memory and creativity.

There you have it – naps are good for you physical and mental well being so you should practice them as much as you can.

However, be advised that you shouldn’t sacrifice nighttime sleeping for an afternoon nap, they should be an addition to a good night sleep." Read more from the Health Spirit and Body website (link above) 

If you are sleeping with a bald head, hair thinning from any type of treatment or alopecia make sure to wear a Bold beanies thin cotton soft hat as a sleep cap to keep your head at a nice even temperature. They are snug and fit nicely on the head so they don't slip around or irritate to give a good rest.  


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