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Cold Head from Hair Loss... Wear a Bold Beanies Hat

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

So what so spacial about a Bold Beanies Hair Loss Hat?

The sheer sense of relief that you are comfortable and that there is just one less thing to worry about comes to mind first. You are able to get a good nights sleep because of the superior construction of the beanie with minimal seams and not uncomfortable label on the inside so as to not irritate a sore scalp. The luxury silk soft natural cotton thin breathable fabric is stretchy to give a snug but not tight fit over the head making it the most practical skull cap around. 

Bold Beanies are made with the upmost attention to quality. The fabrics sourced are the best around... with the latest fashions from Liberty Art Fabrics and a complete range of print and plain fabrics to suit everyone. 

The soft stretchy fabric means that your Bold Beanie will stay put on your head, leaving you to get on with your day wether that be in hospital, at the yoga class or running around after kids. 

Bold Beanies hats are perfect as a comfy breathable layer under all types of scarves, wooly hats, caps and every type of helmet from cycling to motorbike and hard hats; keeping ears warm outside. 

Available in Ladies, Gents and Children's sizes... if you can't see whet you're looking for please ask.

Made in the UK. Free Shipping available. 

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