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Let there be light... thin summer cotton beanie hats.

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

The summer seems to be upon us flooding us with positivity and light which is so lovely in these days of darkness. 

If you are having cancer chemo chemotherapy, experiencing hair thinning leaving bald patches on your scalp or suffering from alopecia hair loss in the summer months it can be hard to find suitable thin lightweight headwear to cover and protect your head. 

Bold Beanies are perfect for the warmer summer months as they cover the bald scalp and provide protection from harmful UV rays and keep the head at an even temperature, absorbing sweat and keeping you generally comfortable. 

Bold Beanies hats come in a variety of colours and beautiful range of Liberty prints. If you're feeling bold, why not customise your hat with a name, slogan or logo. 

These thin comfy cotton hats fit snuggly on the head and are so comfortable you will forget you're wearing it. Made for all head sizes and tastes to suit men, women and kids. 

So no more uncomfortable itchy wigs or hard to tie scarves that slip about, reach for a bold beanies cap today!

Made in the UK and free delivery available. Emilienne is on hand to answer your queries, so please drop her a line at

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