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New years and Mastectomies.

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Welcome to a new year and a very delayed Happy New Year. A difficult start to the year, but slowly getting back into my stride. For someone like me with bad chemo brain that seems to have lingered, I like it when Facebook jogs my memory events from the past. This morning it told me it was 5 years already since I decided to go ahead with my risk-reducing (from Breast Cancer) second mastectomy and double breast reconstruction (My first mastectomy had been 4 years previously).

I was unsure about the massive surgery required right up until the day I went in... I'm quite healthy now, will it leave me more damaged, the risk of back problem? should I put my girls through this? Was it really important? In the end I decided to go through with it and I was amazed at how happy they made me. Clothes suddenly fitted properly and I felt more shapely, more womanly.

I'm yet to get my nipples tattooed though. Definitely on my bucket list for 2017! I have had my areolas done a couple of times at the hospital (in 'Diamond Blush'... how does my brain choose to remember that?) but as they don't use a permanent ink they've faded fast. In fact the second time it only lasted a week or so. So I've decided on a pair of 'Vinnies' from the US. I'll keep you posted. 

Bold Beanies are luxuriously soft cotton natural beanie hats for hair loss. So comfortable you will forget you are wearing, yet they come in a wide range of gorgeous Liberty prints you don't need to hide them. For Women, Men and Kids they are sizes and colours to suit all. Manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest quality... constructed using minimal seams for least irritation on a sore scalp from hair loss. They give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about whilst having chemotherapy. Customisable hats and the perfect chemo gift to show you care. 




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