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On Deck for a Cause…

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

This time of year is always an emotional one for me… my daughters birthdays, the start of school both of which which always mark the time I started my chemotherapy for grade 3 advanced breast cancer 8 years ago now. I’m always so grateful for every passing year and the precious time and memories I get to share with my babies (they will always be babies right?).

This year I was able to mark this special time in a wonderful way… ticking off a very big item on my bucket list whilst thinking of friends and loved ones who haven’t been so lucky as me and reflecting on my life whilst watching the coast of Montenegro go past. I took part in the “On Deck for a Cause” 5k walk whilst on board a ship and got to meet some lovely people. Montenegro has been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a very long time and it was so fitting to take part in this charity fund raising walk there.

See some pics here from Facebook (I couldn’t take many, I was trying to keep up!):

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