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So, Have You Actually Checked Yours...?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month Draws to a Close I ask you, HAVE YOU ACTUALLY CHECKED YOURS? 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month... something I'm pretty sure hasn't escaped any of you, which I personally think is brilliant! Who knows if I would even be here now if it hadn't headed the advice to get lumps checked out. Even though I was breast feeding at the time and should have expected lumps and bumps in my breasts something sparked a thought in me to get the pea sized lump checked out by my doctor. 

But I wonder as we become used to the pink ribbon and coffee mornings that the real reason behind all of the amazing campaigns gets forgotten and you have actually not checked your breasts for any of the signs of Breast Cancer. 

SO PLEASE DO! One good idea is to set an alarm in your calendar to remind you every month just to have a check in the shower. Its so easy to forget with our busy lives. You could also just decide to check on the first of every month or apply 'Feel Em Friday'!!

For more information please visit the Breast Cancer Care website : 

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