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The perfect Breast Cancer Chemo hair loss gift...

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

I lost my hair whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment for stage 3 advanced breast cancer nearly 10 years ago now.

A roller-coaster of a journey. Suddenly thrown into this Cancer world we maybe previously knew nothing about. One of the overwhelming things I found was the love showed to me from friends and family all over the world... I was truly touched. However it left me with a bit of a problem also... too many flowers and not enough energy to deal with them, not to mention enough vases! 

This thought at the back of my mind when I was developing the Bold Beanie was not just how can I make the most simple, soft and stylish beanie hat imaginable, but also how can I create a practical and yet thoughtful gift too?

Thats when the idea of turning my beautiful Liberty and plain thin cotton breathable comfy hats into roses and presenting them as a gift bouquet came about.

A beautiful, thoughtful, traditional yet practical hat gift.

How lovely to be able to send a traditional, gorgeous gift of a bouquet of flowers, but they are also practical too. Silk flowers are added to the hat roses to make a substantial present. The flowers of course can also be kept if wanted. A lovely way for a carer, loved one or friends and family to show they care. 

The hats can be made individually into roses at your request or you can choose 3 or more hats to be made into a small posy bouquet. Larger luxury bouquets are also available. 

My very first bouquet was a gift from a husband to his wife who has alopecia for their anniversary... a traditional, beautiful yet practical hair loss gift. She now wears nothing else! How wonderful. She loved her bouquet, the thoughtfulness as well as the practicality.  

Click here to see the range of ready-made gift hat bouquets: 

Any order can be sent direct to the recipient with the gift card. Real flowers are no longer allowed to be sent onto hospital wards, so these bouquets make the perfect alternative flowers by post.

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