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Win Win Win for cancer puzzle magazine

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

A Nottingham woman has turned her own experience of breast cancer into something positive to help others by launching her own puzzle magazine – the ‘Barrowby Bamboozler’- for patients, supporting vital research and promoting businesses into the bargain.

Deborah distributes 1,000 free copies of the Barrowby Bamboozler around Nottingham’s hospitals five times a year and donates 20% of the proceeds to Nottingham Hospital Charity’s Breast Cancer Research fund.

First diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, Deborah came up with the idea while still in hospital after her operation. She invites businesses to sponsor a page in the magazine for £30 in return for which she designs bespoke puzzles featuring the sponsor company.

Deborah says: “I was still attached to a drain when I had a Eureka moment and came up with the idea of a magazine that was fun and interactive which also supported businesses. Doing an interactive puzzle specifically about the business featured is more memorable to readers than glancing over a standard advert.

“People spend a lot of time in hospital sitting around in waiting areas and the magazine keeps them entertained and gives them something to do while waiting. They can also win prizes donated by the companies. I know how hard it is waiting around whilst having treatment or waiting for life-changing results. If I can help take people’s minds off what’s going on then that’s fantastic and I have achieved my goal.”

A previous Bold Beanies hats wearer and advocate, Deborah contacted us to be a part of the project and Bold Beanies (thin soft stretchy silky comfortable stylish Liberty custom headwear hats caps liners for hair loss from cancer, chemo chemotherapy alopecia) are really happy to sponsor a monthly prize of either a Bold Beanies hat bouquet (3 or more hats rolled to look like roses in a gift bouquet) or Graffiti Greetings beanie hat (a plain beanie which comes with a pack of fabric pens for loved ones, colleagues or classmates to write their own get well soon message) to the winner of a hair loss related quiz or word search for example.

What a great idea, well done Deborah!

Read the full article on the Nottingham Hospital website here:

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